Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Progress, not perfection

I haven't really said a whole lot on here about changing my lifestyle via diet and exercise. At least not the diet side of things other than to mention the fresh fruits and veggies I pick up each week. I've just sort of plodded along quietly, doing my thing.

Mostly it's been a slow process and I don't really notice any major difference in how I look. How I feel is quite a bit better than previously. I'm a lot more energetic than I was. I rarely take naps in the middle of the afternoon anymore. Sad to say that was becoming an almost daily thing for a while there. I've been able to hike the small side of a nearby mini-mountain without stopping or being passed repeatedly by everyone under the sun. And my clothes are fitting better.

At the beginning of the process, I thought I should take a picture for documentation purposes. Unlike what a lot of people do, I didn't take the picture in an outfit that currently fit, but in one that I wanted to get back into. It was a tough first picture. After seeing the picture, I decided to take a new picture in the same outfit every time I lose ten pounds. Today, I got to take my third picture in the series, which means that I've lost twenty pounds to date. While I still have quite a bit more to go, I will say that at least this time I could breathe in the outfit. And while I'm nowhere near perfection, at least I'm seeing progress.


Anonymous said...

And your progress is exactly where it should be! You are doing it right and learning from the journey..I am so proud of you!