Sunday, September 7, 2008

Blonde strikes again!

My husband's friend (G-Man) came in to town yesterday and spent the night. He's a long distance truck driver and when he gets the opportunity by passing through to visit, he always does, which is nice. Anyway, the discussion came up about the dishwasher being mucked up and he suggested downloading something or other from Maytag to see if he could figure out how it worked. Now, G-Man happens to be pretty mechanically inclined and likes to figure out how things work and I'm totally all about the free labor thing so I say absolutely. Well, while I went to church this morning with Master J (yeah, Hell is actually freezing over as we speak) G-Man and Mister C took the dishwasher apart and found several items in the motor that should not have been there. One thing was the thumb grip thing off a coffee cup, a coffee cup that isn't supposed to be in there in the first place (whatever). There were also several mushy popcorn kernels and other assorted food items that hadn't managed to get into the disposal. But the thing we think was the problem was some sort of plastic thing that nobody could identify. It looked like the thing that you put into the little cardboard people in kids games like Candyland that makes them stand up on the board. Only, I'm pretty sure I haven't washed any game pieces lately. I know I did wash a bunch of army men a few weeks back that had some kind of goo on them that was never identified or admitted to but they all made it out of their Navy Seal training just fine (other than being slightly confused about what branch of the service they were in.) So anyway, after Master J & I got home we were informed the the dishwasher was now working perfectly. It was running all through breakfast and sounded fine. Right as I was finishing up my bacon though, I heard a noise and said to Mister C & G-Man "Hey, what's that gurgling sound the dishwasher's making? Looks like you didn't fix it after all." To which G-Man responded "I think that's your coffee pot finishing up the brew cycle." Oh, yeah. Guess I forgot I started a fresh pot all of ten minutes ago. My poor husband. This is just another instance proving that he keeps me around for the entertainment.


loavesandfishes said...

I like that the army men are confused about which branch of the service they are enrolled!