Thursday, September 25, 2008

Good Morning Death!

At breakfast this morning Master J asked me what The Antagonizer was playing with. I look over and she is laying on the ground with a mouse between her front paws. When she sees me looking at her, she gives it a good poke so it rolls towards me. Of course I made a HUGE fuss over her and her trophy and she was very proud. Then I turned away and gagged a little cause I hate dead stuff, especially when it's on my carpet. But she is The Antagonizer, and she cannot leave well enough alone. She harassed that poor dead critter, well, to death again apparently. She poked it, she slapped it, she picked it up and tossed it, she sat on it. I'm not really sure what the purpose of sitting on it was. Maybe she was hiding it from herself under her massive girth so she could "find" it again a few seconds later. I don't know but when she started picking it up in her mouth and flinging it in my direction I was forced to step in. Because I am not getting hit in the face by a flying mouse no matter how proud I am of her hunting prowess. So I put her in the basement with encouragement to catch another varmint and then threw Mr. Mouse in the trash. And when I let her back up and she realized that her prize was missing I swear to you the cat gave me the dirtiest look she could muster and has since sat with her back to me. So now the only problem I have is that it's way too early for me to figure out how to attach the picture of her with her catch to this post. So I stuck it on the sidebar, but it's kind of hard to see. I'll work on it after I've had some coffee.