Saturday, September 6, 2008

Or course it's out of warranty

Our 14 month old Maytag dishwasher started making a horrific sound while washing last night. I immediately canceled the cycle, let it drain out and then started poking around. I got nothing. There was no plastic ware melted to the heating coil, no popcorn kernels carelessly tossed in, nothing that I could see. I did remove one dog dish from the top rack thinking maybe it was blocking the top sprayer thingy (technical term there people, try to keep up!) Then I re started the machine. Same loud, grinding, horrifying sound. I stopped it again and asked Mister C to look at it. He poked around, said "Well here's the problem" a few times, then re started the machine. Same thing. So we shut it down for the night and resigned ourselves to having to call the repair man on Monday. In the mean time, hubby found the owner's manual where it stated that we had a "full one year warranty on parts and labor". Of course we do. Because it would be expecting way too much to have an appliance last for more than that. I know why the Maytag repairman is never busy, all the damn machines are out of warranty.