Friday, September 5, 2008

Hello? Anyone out there?

I'm stepping out into the real world of blogging for the first time. I've been writing blogs on a different forum for the past year but thought I would try this much more accessible platform. We'll start with an introduction to the family as it stands today. Aside from myself, the household consists of Mister C, my husband of 11 years (today in fact), Master J - our bright, 7 year old son who keeps us hopping and laughing and a plethora of animals. That's right, I used the word 'plethora' in my very first blog. Yeah, I'm daring that way. Continuing on, we have two dogs, two cats, 1 guinea pig & two fish tanks. The dogs are "The Intellectual", our 10 year old dalmatian and "ADHD Girl" our 3.5 year old mix. The cats are "The Idiot", a 14 year old male and "The Antagonizer" our 1.5 year old female. The guinea pig is Harry. The fish generally don't last long enough to warrant naming due to one particular fish in the tank known as the Jail Shark. Our home has it's share of ups and downs just like every other home but I try to keep a sense of humor about the chaos and mayhem that seem to usually take over. So this is the start. It's not a great start, not a bolting out of the chute start, but it's a start.


Steve Belt said...

Ok, I'm out here, but I'm curious who I'm out here with... Any chance you could emailz me?

PS- I commented on an old post, so as not to spam something recent.