Saturday, April 4, 2009


My hibiscus bloomed again. From the time we moved into our home back in late October, I've had this blooming hibiscus outside my back door. It would have 5-10 blooms every day. Then one day about six weeks ago, when I went to sit on my patio and admire the beauty, I didn't see any flowers. So I went over to my plant to see what had happened to the buds that had covered the bush the day before. And there were none. None. As in, not one. Oh the stems were there, but there was not one flower or bud on the whole bush. Where there should have been flowers, there were empty stems. They looked like they had been cut off. Only, there were no flowers on the ground either. Or in my house in a vase of water. Or tucked behind Master J's ears. So, where did they go? I asked around, specifically checking Master J's alibis, but nothing. Nobody saw anything. Maybe the dog ate them was offered up as a possible explanation. But otherwise, it's like trying to find the culprit in a bad neighborhood. Nobody saw anything and even if they did, they aren't talking about it anyway. So I've been waiting for the bush to recover. And it finally did. One flower bloomed. I tried taking pictures in the morning but it didn't seem to be opened as fully as it should have been. So I went back out later in the afternoon and tried again. It's good I did it when I did because not long after the wind kicked up and ripped my one flower to shreds. I hope it doesn't take another six weeks to bloom again.