Saturday, July 23, 2011

An Open Letter

Dear Every Damn Store Whose Website I Have Looked At In The Last Week,

Wow, you sure have some great sites out there! I can't keep track of all the great things you've got going on. There's information about the history of your particular store as well as an entire company history. You've got links for how to have a career at your wonderful store and even how to get in on a franchise opportunity. For you stores that serve food, you give a link to full menus and even an entire breakdown of the nutritional value of every item on the menu. For clothing stores, I can now figure out every item you sell and in what sizes and colors you sell it in. You've been sure to mention your latest sales. You even offer a place to rate your store. But there is one kind of important piece of information that you've forgotten to provide in the vast abyss of information you offer? Not one link leads to this information. Not one little sidebar mentions this very important piece of information. What time do you open your doors?


The Woman Who Didn't Shop Today Because She Didn't Want To Waste Her Time Driving To A Store That Might Be Closed