Sunday, July 3, 2011

Vacation - Day 2

This post was supposed to get uploaded yesterday but since we had not internet service I had to wait until today. Sorry about the delay!

Mister C at Rick's Spring, Master J is somewhere behind him exploring a small cave.

The water has been higher than normal due to snow melt this year. This is the footbridge at Rick's Spring which is unusable. Side note, the water was also running over the open path and it was freezing!

Somewhere in Wyoming, lots and lots of views like this one.

Grand Tetons

We saw this guy running along the side of the road as we drove into Yellowstone Park. My first thought was that it was a wolf, mostly due to the sheer size of it. It's hard to tell from the photo because I was taking the picture from the passenger seat across Mister C while we were driving, but this is about the size of a large dog (like German Shepherd size). But the muzzle bothers me because it looks more like a coyote. So, either a real wolf or a coyote on steroids, either way pretty cool.

Again, not really sure where this is but it's somewhere in Wyoming.


Anonymous said...

Awesome pics,love the one of the green hills somewhere in Wyoming and beautiful wolf/coyote??Looks like you are having a good time.