Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Vacation - Day 4

Montana. It's a very long way between point "A" and point "anywhere else".

I'm pretty sure there are more cattle than cars but all the people were super nice.

Glacier Park Lodge where we stayed, built around 1912-1915.

I think some of the employees in the dining room may be under the impression that time is standing still because they were slow as hell. Seriously slow. Like, arrive for breakfast and end up eating scrambled eggs for lunch type slow. Sheesh, for a bunch of university students they sure as heck didn't have a whole lot of pep in their step. And I believe they may possibly have been having a contest to see who could drop the most silverware as at least three servers did so during our two meals there. I believe Lauren won hands down when she managed to drop an entire trail over a ten foot area, starting at our table, complete with melon balls rolling under the nearby tables. Way to go Lauren!

Also, our hotel had the world's smallest sink. If you weren't careful you could whack your head on the shelf while brushing your teeth.

*Although these photos are from day four of our vacation, we didn't have internet access until the end of day six. Sorry for the delay.