Sunday, July 3, 2011

Vacation - Day 3

Happy 4th of July!

What would a vacation to the west be without a visit to Old Faithful? Which, by the way, is not very faithful. We saw it erupting as we were driving towards the area and when we got there we ended up waiting for over an hour and a half for it to erupt again. So much for every twenty minutes like clockwork like we were told as children. Having said that, we spent the time fairly pleasantly talking with a couple from New Hampshire that had arrived just before us.

And what would a visit to Old Faithful be without seeing a cat being walked on a leash? Evidently not all cats turn into furry lumps when attached to a leash. Looks like The Antagonizer may be getting a retest when we get home...

Emerald pool.

Really cool looking patterns etched into the land by the thermal pools high content of iron.

A bison that had just gotten done rolling in the dust of an uprooted tree. He was not nearly so impressed with us as we were with him. He actually watched us drive around while I tried to get some decent pictures.

Yeah, thank goodness for telephoto lenses!

Early in the day, looking pretty decent.

Towards the end of our day, after I had mis-stepped while climbing down to the river and almost killed myself trying to save my camera. The end result was a small scuff on the base of the camera (not the body of the camera, just the thing that attaches it to the tripod), one scraped up arm and one very large bruise on my backside.

One more family photo for the album.


Anonymous said...

Awesome sights,love the one of the buffalo, didn't look too pleased to be a part of your vacation photos:-)Sorry you came away with an injury,hopefully you won't have too much pain tomorrow. Liking the pics of the 3 of you.

Bo Williams said...

Wow, that looks like a great trip! Would like to do points west sometime with our boys.

Mirth said...

@Anonymous: My backside and arm are both healing nicely and I'm no worse for wear! Just one more story in the book of my life! Glad you're enjoying the photos.

@Bo: It's been such a fantastic trip so far! Our son has thoroughly enjoyed wading into lakes and rivers and exploring caves and trails. It's been awesome!