Friday, July 1, 2011

Vacation - Day 1

We headed out at 5:20 this morning and started north for the first day of our driving vacation.

Here's Master J looking bright and perky (much more so than the rest of us I might add.)

He didn't know I'm was taking the picture or he would have acted goofy.

Vermillion cliffs.

Burned tree on the side of the road. The wildfires have done a lot of damage the past few years but the amount of regrowth is really amazing.

The Colorado river, taken from the original, 1929 Navajo bridge.

The new Navojo bridge is on the left, the original one is the right. These two bridges are one of only seven land crossings of the Colorado for 750 miles.

Mister C with Master J on the Navajo bridge (you can't get out of your car on the new bridge.)

The bunch of us looking a little rough after the first six hours in the car. Only five more hours of driving after this picture was taken...


Anonymous said...

Nice start to your vacation,love the pics especially the last one. Did you use your timer for it? Keep the pics coming,I love traveling without leaving home;-)