Thursday, September 10, 2009

Adventures in Driving

So I backed into a cop car today while out showing houses. Granted, the car belonged to my client but I doubt that really makes it any better. It might make it worse, now they know what a complete dork I am.

Here's the scenario:

I need to show a house that is in a gated community. The gate is closed, the code on the mls doesn't work. Rather than block the entrance while trying to get a hold of the listing agent for assistance, I pull back out onto the street and park. My clients, who have met me at this location, pull in behind me. While I am on the phone, they all pile out of the car and go to the opposite side of the street so that one of them can smoke.

After hanging up with the agent's assistant, I wave to my clients and tell them we're good to go. I look forward and realize that I'm too close to the car in front of me to just pull out, so I throw it in reverse. And as I'm backing up I look over to see the son's eyebrows go waaaaaayyy up and he says "NO!". And then I hear the THUD! of my car's back bumper connecting with my client's patrol car's front bumper. And I curse loudly, because I am very well mannered like that.

My client, the cop, runs across and looks at the bumper and declares there to be no damage and tells me not to worry about it. Then his wife tells me they're going to have to take it out of my commission and she and I both bust up laughing. Because what else are you supposed to do in that situation? Thank goodness I didn't actually cause any damage.

I guess if I'm going to do something stupid at least I give it my all.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you should write mysteries, since you had us all waiting with baited breath to find out the answer. LOL!