Sunday, September 13, 2009

I Knew It!

My goofiness is genetic...

Mamoo went grocery shopping earlier today to restock her (already full) pantry. When she arrived back home, my dad wasn't at home so she called him on his cell. When he told her that he would be home in two minutes, she asked him if he would help her bring in the groceries that were in her car.

She went into the house with her arms full and started putting things away. A few minutes later, my dad came into the house with his arms full. Mamoo turned around and saw him and said "Papa! I just bought toilet paper, milk and bread! Why would you buy it too?"

Yeah, I really didn't stand a chance did I?


Anonymous said...

Now you know why I remain anonymous!

Mirth said...

You're not anonymous if I know who you are :)