Saturday, September 19, 2009

Took the plunge, now we're drowning...

God love Mister C for doing what he does.

We went out and about this morning to take care of various weekend errands. One of the errands occurred at a certain electronics store that rhymes with "west why". Mister C wanted to find an IPod cord for my car so I could take my tunes with me without having to wear headphones. Anyway, he and Master J wandered over to find that and I went to check out the one and only tablet pc that they carry in the store. Yada, yada, yada, now Mister C had to set up my new tablet pc to work for my business.

Yeah. I bought one. And it's not a mac. Because for whatever reason, Apple does not have a tablet style computer yet. At the same time, I was somewhat okay with it not being a Mac. I've been struggling with one of the main softwares I'm supposed to use strictly because I have a mac.

See, with only 3-5% of computer users actually using an Apple product, most programs & software are built for pc users. After the guys & gals finish designing their product, someone reminds them of that 3-5% of the population. At which point, they throw something together that's all half-assed and whopper jawed and only works "mostly".

I love, love, love my mac. But this one software totally sucks on it. Flat out. Sucks. Does not work. Which wouldn't bother me except for the fact that it is the one piece of software that I absolutely need to make my business work properly. Or at the very least, efficiently and well.

So I have this new tablet. And the first thing Mister C has to do is to remove all 500 of the pre-loaded bullsh*t things. Which took him several hours. Then he had to load all the things I do want onto my new toy. Which he has been trying to do for the last five hours. Some things went easily, some were a struggle, some were catalysts for foul language and tons of frustration. And the one software that I really need because it makes my business work properly? Is giving him apoplectic fits. Nice.