Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Miss Lee Owns It!

So Miss Lee, Music Man & I met at the title company at 8:30 this morning and went through all the gyrations that constitutes a "closing" in real estate. By 9:00, she had worn her fingers to the bone signing her life away. By noon, the mortgage company had funded her loan and by 4:00 this afternoon everything had been recorded. She is now the proud owner of her very own mid-century modern home in a wonderful little neighborhood.

Here's a few pictures of the new digs...

I love the curb appeal on these old houses, they are so inviting.

Even the back is inviting...

Here's another reason to love old homes, the details & built-ins. Miss Lee got a library...I am so jealous!

And finally, how could she resist this home with it's very own six burner vintage stove? Now if she can just get over her fear of blowing up her cute little house every time she needs to light the pilot light for baking she'll be good.

Welcome Home Miss Lee


Not Afraid to Use It said...

Oh my god I COVET that oven!! We've got an old dinosaur of a stove in our rental house, but nothing as cool as that. As long as she has a detector in her kitchen she ought to be fine. :)