Sunday, September 27, 2009


Master J spent the night at Mamoo & Papa's last night which should mean that I got to sit around peacefully drinking coffee & reading my paper this morning. Unfortunately, that was not the case.

No, Mister C decided that today was the perfect day to clean out the flower gardens and plant new flowers. The cleaning out part wouldn't be done by him of course, because he had plans. He was going to drink coffee with a co-worker this morning. But I had "nothing to do" since Master J was gone. Like I ever go looking for extra stuff to do. I don't need to since it seems to find me, via Mister C.

I figured that he wasn't going to let go of his plan for the day and it was only getting hotter so I started cleaning out the gardens. Mister C was gone for almost two hours, during which time I cleaned out 95% of the weeds. Then I started feeling kind of icky and I remembered that I hadn't had any food or water, so I sat down to remedy that. Of course as soon as I did, Mister C got home and decided to pick out a few weeds himself. He does this because that way he can maintain the facade that he "always has to finish" what I start. Because we all know how much more important the last 5% of any job is than the first 95%.

After that whole ordeal, we had to head out to the garden shop to get new plants & some fertilized soil to shore up the flower beds. Since I hadn't yet showered, I went with the always classic baseball cap style. I did take enough time to put on a bra though, I thought that was a pretty big step.

We eventually got everything we needed and spent what seemed like forever putting the new plants into the ground. The fact that we didn't get back from shopping until after 12:30 on what turned out to be a record breaking day (107 degrees, yippee!) didn't help the comfort level.

Anyway, we finally got done and it looks presentable. I got around to showering around dinnertime. By the time I got around to going back out to take a picture it was too dark to see so I'll have to try again some other day.

In order to not disappoint, I have included a picture of the blister on the pointer finger of my right hand. You know the one, the finger that is used for everything except signaling in traffic. Because I'm right handed. And oh my goodness was that picture a pain in the backside to take. I had to use my non-dominant left hand to not only hold the camera but also to push the button. The button that's on the right side of the camera. Hence the fantastic quality of the picture.