Saturday, January 16, 2010

Do the math Sparky

On my shopping list today was vitamin C, 1000mg tablets for Mister C. I got a bottle of 100 tablets that cost me $8.88 or about .09 a pill. Not the best deal around to be sure, but certainly $2.64 a month isn't exactly an extravagance. Mister C however found this to be completely out of line and wondered excessively why I would "pay so much" when he was sure he had gotten 1000 tablets for $20 previously. I was just as sure he hadn't because really, who the hell sells 1000 tablets of any vitamin? I know he just got mixed up between the number of pills and the milligrams of said pills, but that's not an argument worth wading into.

In order to prove me wrong, he started looking it up online. He finally was able to find 500 tablets being sold at Costco for about $20 or .04 per pill. Half as much is good, no? But we don't have a membership to Costco. A basic membership to Costco costs $50 per year. So let's see...

.09 per pill times 365 days per year = $32.85
.04 per pill times 364 days per year = $14.60 + $50 membership fee = $64.60

Remind me which one of us has a degree in a math heavy field again?


Wendi said...

Oh...numbers. They're making me dizzy.

And whenever I get a huge bottle of anything at Costco, it expires before I can even get through 1/3 of it.