Saturday, January 23, 2010

White trash or ingenious?

Do you see that thing being held on my wall with packing tape? That is is cell phone amplifier. We have a whole lot of trouble around here with dropped calls from our cell phones. An unreasonable amount of dropped calls. I've said it before and I'll say it on here, I love my I-phone for absolutely everything. Except phone calls. Then I hate it.

About a week ago, Mister C searched around and found this cell phone amplifier. As the name implies, it amplifies the signal for your cell phone. It's supposed to basically put an end to dropped calls. But it's not cheap and Mister C didn't want to buy it and install it only to have it not really help. So he devised this method of testing it out. And for the past week, I've had this box taped to my wall and the cords running from it, around my fish tank and out a window to the back yard where the end was hung from a nail on the fascia board of my patio overhang. It was all very "trailer park chic" as it were.

Today, Mister C decided that it had worked quite well for it's intended purpose and has spent the last few hours installing it in the attic where I can have the benefit of no dropped calls without having to look at a box taped to my wall.

Sadly enough, I kind of miss the trashiness of seeing it hanging there. But I don't miss the dropped calls.