Saturday, January 9, 2010

A need for speed!

Mister C made a deal with Master J some time last November that if he had five green days in a row at school, we would go to Speed Street a local go kart racing place. Master J got close multiple times with four green days in a row, but he just couldn't seem to put five of them together.

Well, after two months, he finally did it. And as promised, we took him racing. I'll give you a little heads up, bring your money and your cajones, it's expensive and it's fast. It's $50 (per person) to race three times. Each race runs 12-15 minutes. The carts can go up to 50 mph in the strait-aways. Usually, kids are separated from the adults but the guy taking the money set it up so that Mister C & Master J could race together. Which meant that Master J had to race with the adults.

Gentlemen, start your engines!

Mister C...

Master J...

The first two races, Master J did really well. He stayed to the right to be out of the way of the adults who were going much faster than him. The nice thing was that the other adults in these two races were really aware of him and very careful when around him. I was really impressed with the fact that these guys were willing to slow down for a little kid. It was awesome.

The third race was a little different because it was all new people. And this group of people all knew each other and were acting like idiots. They ran my child off the "road" several different times. Right towards the end, one adult male hit Master J's cart so hard it spun him completely around. Master J just kept on racing. He told me later that the third cart was harder because it was faster than the other two and that it was hard because he kept getting stuck. But he was so thrilled with the whole experience that I didn't mention too much about the a-holes that were on the road with him. I figure dealing with them today is just prepping him for real driving on real roads one day.


Anonymous said...

Expensive but sure looks like fun! Master J looks like a pro. Love the helmet pics, neat capture.

AKT said...

I'm very impressed by your little man, he hung in there with the big dogs and didn't let them steal his fun! Way to go Master J!!!!