Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I got a call the other day from Scott, my team leader/mentor/throw me out on my own and tell me to succeed guy. He asked me where I was at in terms of the leads he'd given me and the clients I was working with. I told him I would send him an email detailing what was going on.

So I went through my mails and my spreadsheet on Google Docs and put together a list of what he had sent me versus what I was currently working on. Turns out the first sentence I wrote, where I mentioned that he had sent me ten leads in the last month, was the one that surprised him. He thought he'd sent more. The last sentence, where I mention that I'm sure I'll have some better success in the future because four of the leads had written at least one offer in the time I've had them, blew him away. Apparently, even though I haven't seemed to have any luck with my buyers getting financing and getting all the way through to closing lately, the fact that four out of ten are willing to even write an offer is awesome. He actually called me back to tell me how impressed he was with me.

So I'm sitting back, patting myself on the back thinking "Hey, maybe I'm not as bad as I think I am at this job." And then, the emails started coming. Six leads in the first one, two in the second, two more emails with one lead each, several text messages with names and numbers. Occasional calls with more leads thrown in for good measure.

For two days I've been calling people from all over the place including Pennsylvania, Missouri and Canada, emailing listings and walking first timers through the process. All while still working with my current clients, doing all I can to keep one guy in escrow and working to put in another offer with another one.

So here I sit, with my laptop balanced on the arm of the couch, finally getting around to spending some time doing what I like to do. I'm tired, in a good way. I feel like I'm moving forward and maybe getting a little bit accomplished. And I'm thinking maybe, just maybe, that 2010 might be the year that my career finally takes off. I'll keep you posted.