Sunday, January 3, 2010

Meet the Dynamic Duo



Mamoo & Papa named them after Desi Arnez & Lucille Ball. I think they named Lucy first because they suspect she will be the one who's always in trouble. Desi was just a natural extension at that point.

So, I think we can safely put to rest the whole "prissy poodle" thing right now. These two love being outdoors rolling around in the dirt. They were clean when we picked them up yesterday and filthy within five minutes of arrival at the house.

They are adjusting very well and working on the most important thing any puppy can learn...potty training. Desi seems to have caught on to the concept quite well. Mister C, Master J and I went over to visit with them earlier today. When we were heading into the house, Desi paused on the patio and refused to come in. Then he turned around and headed out to the yard to do his business before returning to come into the house. He's the brains of this outfit. Lucy, well...she's the brawn.