Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday Hike

We hiked Piestewa Peak today. This mountain is the third tallest in the Phoenix area, the second tallest of the White Mountain range. It's about 2,600 feet high. But the trail is only about a mile long. Which means it's really, really steep. I made it about two thirds of the way up before having enough and heading back down. Mister C and Master J made it to the top (of course). At one point, while I was trying to catch my breath after a particularly steep area, Master J turned around and impatiently said "Wow, you're in worse shape than I thought!" To which a passing man said "There goes your college fund!" I just laughed. Yeah, I'm in worse shape than I thought too, but I'm trying.

Here's a few pics taken with my cell phone. The last one was taken by Mister C on his cell phone.

Looking back on one of the easy sections...

Looking up at the "trail" and I use that word loosely. Most of it looks like this.

About halfway up. You can get an idea of how far by looking at the cars in the lot below.

At least he made it to the top!


Burgh Baby said...

Holy. Crap. That is absolutely amazing!