Friday, September 18, 2009

Education can be expensive...

I just finished the first of two technology modules that I will be taking in my quest to get my GRI designation. It was a two day course and full (CHOCK FULL!) of information. Information about what direction we're going, technology-wise, as agents and as an industry. Information about how we can do things faster, more accurately, more smoothly and neater than what I'm currently doing. Things like voice recognition and handwriting recognition. That last one might be worth it just to see what the software came up with from the chicken scratching I call "handwriting". I would love to implement about 70% of what I've learned over the past two days. Unfortunately, this was apparently the most expensive course ever. If I were to get every piece of cool equipment, every bit of awesome software and all of the possible fantastic services available, it would run me at least $5,000. This month. I think Mister C might want me to actually pay off the previous expenditures in education & equipment before I start in on the new stuff. Bummer.