Tuesday, January 20, 2009

And just how am I supposed to integrate that?

Every year since Master J's first birthday, I have made him a birthday cake. Well, every year except for the disastrous year we were at my in-laws, but we won't count that one. For his first birthday I made him a baseball cake with a bunch of little baseball cupcakes for our guests. That was pretty easy overall. For his second birthday, I made him a fire engine. A little more difficult, but certainly doable. For his third, he was into race cars, which was pretty much the same difficulty as the previous year. His fourth birthday was the year of suckiness which we shall not discuss. For his fifth birthday, he was really into trains and he wanted a party at that horrific rat palace known as Chuck E. Cheese. There's a reason they usually serve beer in those places, it's absolute insane. That year, he had twelve of his classmates and I made each of the them their own miniature train, along with the full sized one for the adults. That was a big ole pain. It took me many, many hours to decorate each of those little trains and the monsters ate the frosting off and left the cake. I could have just as easily put out a bowl of frosting with twelve spoons and had the same reaction. I honestly cannot figure out what we did for his sixth birthday. It is a blank. He cannot remember either, and neither can my mom. I have no evidence that there even was a party. I may have to check into that, he may have been shorted a cake and you just know that will be the thing that comes out in therapy later. Moving on. Last year, he was really getting into playing Scrabble and he requested a Scrabble themed cake. Oh yes, sister, he did. It took some figuring out, and more than a few hours, but I got that cake done and he was thrilled. So, here it is, about 7 weeks before his birthday, and I sit down to talk with him about his birthday and what kind of cake he would like. We ended up with 18 different ideas and started narrowing down from there. When we got to the final three, he couldn't decide and he asked if I could please figure out a way to put all three together in some sort of cake. His three remaining ideas? Transformers, tornadoes and a bucket of popcorn. Yeah, this is going to be fun.