Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Medicine may cause inappropriate laughter

I didn't post very much yesterday since I had my dental appointment in the morning and spent most of the rest of the day just slothing around. Remember how I said I had to take medicine just to get in the door? Well, I got in, but the medicine didn't really kick in until I was leaving. So next time I guess I'll take it about 45 minutes earlier if I want it to actually work. That will probably help to save my palms from my nails as well. Anyway, I made it through intact and my tooth doesn't hurt any more and the was the whole purpose so I guess it's all good.

Master J had a tough day at school yesterday. He got sent to the principal's office for hitting a child in the face with his lunch bag. Why would he take a swing at a classmate with his perishables? Well, in his own words (to the principal), "You know I'm sensitive and he told me I have baby teeth." I should note here that when the principal told me what he said, I burst out laughing. Ahem. In my defense, please see the first paragraph where I mention that the medicine kicked in after the appointment. I plead temporary, medicated, inappropriateness. Anyway, it turns out that the other boy had no ill intent, he was just making a comment and he felt very badly about it as well. Both boys apologized to each other, but Master J had to hang out in the front office for the rest of his day. Oh, and while he was up there working, he cut a chunk out of his hair and his sleeves with some scissors. I had to shave his head down to 1/4 inch all over to hide the missing hunk. And he had to pay me $10 out of his "garbage truck fund" for the ruined shirt. Just one of those days. But it should be noted that this is the first time he's had to visit the principal's office since we moved here almost three months ago.


K-Mom said...

WOW! What a day! Miss Priss cold-cocked a kid the other day because he took her BB away from her.

I was telling Hubby about it and he said, "That's my girl!"

And I was like..."Ummmm, no. We're not happy about it."

He said, "Speak for yourself. My kid kicked some BB stealin' a$$ and I'm proud!"

CPS should be showing up at our door any day now.

K-Mom said...

Glad to hear the dental appointment went okay. My mom is deathly afraid of dentists too.

My dad practically has to trick her to get her to go!