Friday, January 23, 2009

A trip down memory lane...

The following is an incident that was previously on another blog I was doing through one of the social networking sites. I was thinking about this incident the other day and thought I would put it out here for your reading pleasure. And to give you yet another glimpse into the insanity that is my life.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

The army revolts (or the revolted army)

So we've been working on a new behavior plan for Master J that includes little green army men. Essentially, if he gets through a certain number of hours in a day with a minimum amount of disobedience he earns an army man. If he earns a certain number of army men, he gets to pick out a larger item (a tank, jet, etc.) So far, so good. Mister C came up with and started this plan while I was back East last Friday and we've had pretty good success with it so far. Yesterday I was doing some cleaning in my kitchen when Master J came in the room with his previously earned army men calling the cat with him. The following interchange then ensued between Master J, the Antagonizer and myself:

MJ: Come on Antagonizer, time to pick your army man.
TA: Mrroow!
Me: What are you doing?
MJ: Well, Antagonizer is earning army men
Me: How does she do that?
MJ: If she's nice to the dog, or lets me pet her or stays off the counters and stuff I let her pick an army man
Me: What does she do with it?
MJ: She picks it out and plays with it.
MJ: Okay Antagonizer, are you ready?
TA: Mmmmmraoow!
He dumps his army men in a pile and Antagonizer starts looking through them. Eventually, she chooses one, picks it up and sets it in between her paws.
MJ: Good job Antagonizer!
TA: Mmmrow.
The cat bats the army man around for a few minutes while James plays with the rest of them. Then she tires of it and decides to start bathing herself, at which point Master J gets a horrified expression and snapping the army man back up says "Antagonizer, no more army men for you until you stop licking your bottom!" So much for don't ask, don't tell.


Kelly said...

LOL! Great post!