Saturday, January 17, 2009

Regional differences

We were driving home after picking up our Saturday pizza, which always follows our Saturday hike, when Master J asked what a Hoagie and a grinder were. He had noticed the words printed on the pizza box and, growing up in the Southwest, he had never heard of either one. So I explained that both were basically like the sandwiches he gets at Subway (I know, try not to turn me in for child abuse) but that they came from different parts of the country. For example, I grew up in Connecticut with grinders. Had I visited Philly, I could have had a similar sandwich by ordering a hoagie (or hoagy, whichever). But then, I threw him a curve ball and told him that they were referred to as submarines in a whole lot of places as well. Or subs for short. He looked at me and asked if I was joking. When I told him that in fact I was not joking, he looked to Mister C to confirm. Mister C backed me up and even went on to explain that they looked like real submarines because of their shape. There was a moment of silence in the back seat and then he said "I think it would be really awesome if they had periscopes on them!"


K-Mom said...

I only learned what a grinder was about four years ago. I'd never heard them called that before.