Monday, January 5, 2009

Bad Dream...literally

Mister C is flying out this morning to work in some small town in Oregon. When he has these early morning flights, I usually set my alarm and wake him up. There is a logical reason for this. He's what you call a "slow-waker". His alarm clock is one of those five alarm fire alarms that could wake the dead, and he doesn't turn it off. He doesn't turn it off because he doesn't hear it. For. A. Very. Long. Time. My alarm, is set to go off to music. Very quiet music. I am a very light sleeper. So, since I'm going to get woken up anyway, I'd rather wake up to my alarm and poke and prod Mister C until he finally gets up. So this what we did this morning. And after he showered and kissed me goodbye, I went back to sleep for a little bit. And that's when I had the dream.

In this dream, I was taking Mister C to the airport in a car that wasn't mine. As we were getting on the highway, he got out and I was teasing him that I was going to leave him there on the side of the highway. And then I did. Just left him there on the side of the road. Now, my thought process was that I would drive up to the next turn-a-round and go back and get him. But I kept looking in the rear-view mirror and he was already gone and I couldn't find a turn-a-round. When I finally found one, I immediately took it but when I started driving, nothing looked familiar. The highway soon turned into a dirt road running through a field. The next thing I knew, I was on some mud trail in the woods that looked like it was meant for four wheeling. I was getting desperate to find my way out and get back to pick up Mister C because I just knew he was going to miss his airplane. I ran across some people that I knew (at least, I think I knew them) and they said they would take me back to the highway to find Mister C. But these people were a bit unorganized. Their son was supposed to take me to the highway, but he was still sleeping and I couldn't wake him up. The parents were busy taking their (many) dogs for a walk before they went to work. And can I mention that one of their dogs was a bright blue? I asked them about it and they told me it was just his shampoo that hadn't been rinsed properly. Anyway, the son finally started waking up and he, his little sister and I piled onto his four wheeler. But then he had to do one more thing so I got off. And he left without me. So now, I'm standing in the house with the parents and their many cats (the dogs apparently turned into cats, not sure why)and I reach into my pocket and pull out Mister C's phone. And I start panicking because if I have his phone, how am I going to call him to find out where he is? So I started looking for my phone and when I can't find it, I think maybe I should call it on his phone because maybe we just switched phones for some reason. So I call it. And I hear it ringing. And I know that I have both phones and this can't be good. And when I pull out my phone, I see that Mister C has sent me a text message and all it says is "HELP ME" and across the top of the screen are the words "Baby bird".

And that, is when I wake up in a panic. Because, as I said at the beginning, Mister C is flying out this morning. And an airplane could be like a bird, right? So I call him and tell him about my dream and he laughs and says it doesn't make a whole lot of sense. And then he mentions that he wants some coffee, but the coffee shop is on the other side of the terminal. He goes on to say that even though they haven't started loading the plane yet, once they do, it won't take long because it's a small plane (baby bird) today. And I think to myself that is a very bad sign, because didn't he just ask for help from the "Baby bird"? And for the first time ever, I asked him not to get on the plane. But he did anyway because he has job to do. And now I just hope that this is one time when my very vivid dream is very off the mark.


K-Mom said...

I hate those kind of dreams. I hope Mister C made it to his destination safely!