Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Hooligan

So this is the Hooligan. We haven't decided on an actual name for him yet as I just picked him up this morning at a satellite adoption site of the Humane Society. I've been looking for an orange and white male kitten for awhile now. The personality on this color/gender combination is notoriously good. Ask most vets what the most laid back, sweetest cat is and they will tell you "an orange or orange and white male" every time. Every day I go onto the humane society's website and search. A few times I've seen them, but by the time I can go, they're gone. Every time. So today, when I went on the website and it said this little guy was going to be at a nearby Petsmart, I showed Mister C the picture and he gave me the go ahead to go get him. I honestly didn't think he would still be there when I arrived, but he was. When the gal running the place pulled him out of his kennel and handed him to me, his loud motor started running. He head butted me and tucked his head under my chin and purred louder than any kitten I've ever been around. I thought he was just the sweetest little thing I'd ever seen. He spent the whole trip home rubbing up against the bars of his kennel. I was thinking of naming him Romeo because he was such a lover. He was a good actor. Since being home, he has aimed flying karate kicks at ADHD Girl repeatedly. She is know flinching when he struts across the room. He's swiped the nose of the Intellectual enough times that she has lost interest in getting to know him. The Antagonizer has probably fared the best in that he hasn't actually attacked her yet. She's keeping tabs on his activities and doesn't seem in the least bit perturbed by his antics. I tried cuddling him again like I did at the adoption location. Yeah. He bit me. Nice. I'm really hoping this is just a little "getting acquainted" chaos. Please. Let this be a short phase. Please.


K-Mom said...

Ooooh! He's so cute. I'm such a cat person too, but Hubby? Not so much. He and our cat, Tom Landry, merely tolerate one another.