Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It's tough not being as smart as your kid

So there I was, minding my own business, trying to read a book, when Master J (who was supposed to be watching an episode of NOVA about absolute zero) starts a conversation.

MJ: Why can't I see my own nose?
Me: Ummm,I have no idea.
MJ: I can see the outline, but not the nose itself. Isn't that odd?
Me: Not really. I don't think you're supposed to see your own nose.
MJ: Why not?
Me: I have no idea.
MJ: So what's another word for "alone"?
Me: You mean like "solitary"?
MJ: Yeah, but what other words would mean the same thing?
Me: I guess you could say "by myself"
MJ: That's not a word, that's two words.
Me: Aren't you watching a show? I would think that show needs all of your attention. What have you learned about absolute zero?
MJ: That it's 274 degrees below zero. Celcius.
Me: Oh. Isn't it time for bed?


Kelly said...

Harvard is calling. They want Master J. :0)