Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hi, my name is Mirth and I'm an addict...

So I got tagged by K-Mom over at The Mommy Diaries with my very first meme. I'm so happy (wiping a tear), I never thought I'd get one of these things. Thanks, K-Mom!

I guess I need to mention that I'm supposed to put out there my top five addictions. I should also say that that's probably a good thing. I mean, that there are only five and all. I could probably keep my dark ones to myself and still get a decent list. After I narrow my list down to five, I'm supposed to tag five other bloggers out there so they can continue on.

Without further ado...

5. Coffee. All day. Every day. From the time I wake up, to just before I go to bed. I'm drinking a cup right now and it's almost 9:30. And no, it does not keep me up all night.

4. My fish. Not the kind you eat, the kind you watch. Currently I "only" have one big tank (125 gallons) full of cichlids and one small one for my giant betta. At one time I tried my hand at breeding bettas and had over 70 of the little guys in tanks around my house. Mister C was not impressed.

3. Rock Band on Wii. Yup. It's a new addiction, but one which I am happily feeding into. I cannot quit until I get it right, and since I really kind of suck at it...

2. Surfing Craigslist. I know, I know, what a waste of time. But you have to admit there are some damn funny things out there sometimes. If only they would update the "best of" more often.

1. Books. At any given time I am reading 2-3 books. Put me in an old library or used book store and I'm in Heaven.

And since I'm fairly new to blogging, and don't have many bloggy friends, three of my nominees are blogs I love to read as opposed to bloggers I actually know. I hope they're okay with that. And that I haven't broken any blog laws.

1. loaves and fishes
2. cake wrecks
3. Burgh Baby
4. from the planet of janet
5. My friend Brandy would be here if only she would start her damn blog up.


K-Mom said...

We have a lot in common. Coffee, of course, but I also LOVE books, and bookstores and libraries. I've been known to read a couple at a time myself. I hope Miss P becomes a big reader, too. I'll be heartbroken if she doesn't because books have given me so much.

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