Saturday, January 24, 2009

Frustration is not quite the word I'm looking for

I have been trying to watch what I eat and exercise faithfully. I am a member of an online group that helps me keep track of exactly what I eat and how much I exercise. When I first started, I thought I was doing fairly well on my food. Then one day, I realized I could push a button and see a chart of how my diet breaks down. Turns out that while I was staying close to my maximum calories each day, a majority of my calories were coming from fat. That can't be good can it? So I modified. I started really paying attention to what I was eating, being sure to chose healthier, more natural foods over the stuff I really like. It hasn't been the easiest. But, for the last week, my diet breakdown was pretty much in line with what they suggest. I stayed towards the lower end of my calorie range every day. I drank water every day. And I exercised for 337 minutes. That's over 48 minutes per day on average. And when I stepped on the scale do you know what I got? An extra two pounds. Well, hell.


K-Mom said...

Oh man! I haven't stepped on the scales yet. I've got a pair of my pre-pregnancy jeans and every couple of weeks I try them on. When I can wear them comfortably, I will call this whole thing a success!

What's that website you're using?

Mirth said...

It's called Sparkpeople. It's great for keeping track of everything. It seems to make a difference in the choices you make when you know you have to own up to it. Not that it's helping me lose weight yet, but apparently it helps other people.