Friday, January 16, 2009

Hooligan, Master of disguise

I went to pick up the Hooligan from the vets office today after he spent the night there. I walked up to the desk and told them who I was there to pick up and was greeted with the following:

Collectively: Awwwww!
Girl #1: He is soooo sweet!
Girl #2: Oh my god, he is such a love!
Girl #3: He's totally a staff favorite!
Girl #1 (to the back) Who wants to bring Hooligan up front?
Various: Oh I will! I want to!

Now, I'm not totally convinced they completely understood who it is I'm asking for so I ask them if they're sure we talking about the same Hooligan. Because a week ago, at a different vet's office, he bit the vet and two techs. So I want to be sure they're bringing me my cat. They assure me they are indeed bringing out the one and only sweetheart, Hooligan. One of the techs comes from the back with my kennel and what looks to be my cat in it and sets it down to go over his paperwork. While we're talking, another girl wanders to the front.

Girl #1: Hooligan is going home.
New girl: Oh no! Really? Where is he?
Girl #1 points over towards me.
New girl (taking Hooligan out of his kennel): I'm going to miss you! (kiss, kiss) You are so sweet! (kiss, kiss) You come back and visit us! (kiss, kiss)

For his part, Hooligan purred up a storm and head butted her in the chin. As we left there was a chorus of "Bye! Bring him back any time!". I checked the kennel again just to be sure it was him.

When we arrived home and I let him out of his kennel, he immediately pounced on the Antagonizer and bit her head. OH! Now I recognize you!