Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Trying to keep a straight face is difficult at best

When I picked Master J up at school today, his teacher told me that he had a book in his backpack that he should probably read to me so he could take an AR test on it tomorrow. Every day at his school, Master J has the opportunity to take a test on a book he has read so he can earn points. I'm not really sure what he gets for his points, but I know he earns well over the minimum every month. Anyway, after we got home, Master J said he didn't really want to read the book to me because he had already read it to himself earlier. I told him that instead of him reading it aloud to me, I would just ask him random questions from the book to see if he had indeed read it. So I was just flipping through, asking a question every few pages, when I came across a reference to Philadelphia and it's nickname. Annnnddd, here we go...

Me: What city did they go to next?
MJ: Philadelpia
Me: And what is Philadelphia's nickname?
MJ (looking confused): Weeeelll, is it "The city of loving boys?"
Me: Snort! Um, no dear. It would be "The city of brotherly love"
MJ: Same thing.
Me: Not so much. Please try really hard to get that one right if they ask, okay?
MJ: Okay. So are we done with this?
Me: I hope so.


K-Mom said...

WOOT! How does one get to the city of loving boys? I have a few single girlfriends who really want to know!