Thursday, January 29, 2009

What I didn't learn in kindergarten

How not to glue my fingers to paper. Again. I am not kidding. I was was trying to glue Master J's book report page to a piece of construction paper. The only glue I could find was Gorilla glue. I put it on, put the paper together, pressed down and voila! My finger was glued to the paper. So I pulled it off. And now I have a hunk of orange construction paper glued to my thumb. And I cannot get it off. So now, until it wears off whenever, I get to walk around with the orange tag of gooberness on me. And Mister C's resonse to this latest fiasco? Just a shake of the head and a sigh. Yeah, I'm with him on this one. I can't believ I'm such a goof either.


K-Mom said...

Unfortunately, I am a bit of an expert in this area. I have superglued my fingers together more times than I can count thanks to various projects.

Acetone fingernail polish remover works like a charm!