Thursday, February 26, 2009

Barely squeaking by

Included in my curriculum for real estate school were two pre-test practice exams. Each one is 320 questions and each covers half of the topics. The halves are broken down in to A1-A9 and B1-B9 where each number represents a chapter. So effectively, each practice test covers nine chapters of information. As of Monday, I have gone to school long enough to have covered all of the 'B' chapters. I decided to take the 'B' practice exam. Now, keeping in mind that I have actually gotten through real estate school previously, you would think I would ace these exams. But, alas, I did not. I did manage to pass the practice exam. With the minimum acceptable score. woo. hoo. When I went back over the questions I missed (which btw took a looooong time), there were three chapters that I failed miserably. The rest I passed with totally acceptable numbers. But those three. Those three dragged me down almost 20 points. I guess on the bright side at least I know which chapters to focus on. For that half of the exam.