Saturday, February 7, 2009


As you can see, the citrus crop is in. Mister C went out today and picked all of the citrus from our trees. He did this partly because the trees are starting to get their flowers for next years crop and partly because the temps are supposed to drop again this weekend. These are the grapefruit. The remaining ones. There were almost 70 left on the tree. Considering that we have been picking and eating them off of the tree since the week before Christmas and that the tree is only about 8 feet tall, I'd say that's a pretty good crop. The lemon and orange trees were only put in this past November so there were only a few dozen lemons and one lonely orange. But both new trees are covered in blossoms so next year should be a good one. I love living in the southwest!

And an update on Master J. He started his day throwing up and has been lying around all day doing not a whole lot of anything. Remember how his vaporizer decided to quit working the night before last? Well, since his cough had gotten worse last night and I couldn't take him out, I had Mamoo go out and purchase a new one for me and bring it by last night. With the distilled water that I had her purchase for it, I managed to spend $40 without ever leaving the house. Considering that the last one lasted as long as it did I won't lose any sleep over it.

Debt Diet
Yesterday - $40 - vaporizer & distilled water
Today - $23.73 - I went to get egg drop soup for Master J and ended up ordering lunch for Mamoo, Mister C, Master J & I. I almost forgot to get the soup.
Total - $63.73