Wednesday, February 11, 2009


After tomorrow's class, I will be half way through my real estate school. So far, I'm enjoying it quite a bit. I do need to re test myself again this weekend on what I've learned so far to make sure I'm learning all I need to for the exam. But mostly, I'm enjoying it. I've sat with the same three people since I started the class. One of them is on a three week plan and the other two are on the six week plan, but they started in January. Tomorrow is the last day for all of them and I'm actually going to miss them. I've really had fun getting to know them. They're all interesting people, from different walks of life. I hope that we can work together at some future date. I'm not really sure what I'm going to do once I'm in there by myself next week. Obviously there are other people in there, but if Monday's "horse" response is any indication, most of them aren't going to be nearly as interesting as these three have been.

Debt Diet: 2 coffees & M&Ms at school - $1.95