Thursday, February 12, 2009

The mangling of the colloquialisms

I just got home from school and picking up Master J at Mamoo & Papa's house. Master J had a short day at school due to conferences and got to spend the remainder of his time with my mom, which he loves. He was already fed, bathed and in his pajamas when I picked him up, which I love. So once we got home all he needed to do before bed was brush his teeth. Once he was finished with that, he came out into the kitchen started playing with the Hooligan. He was letting the kitten play with a lego, which the goofy cat immediately pushed underneath the stove (of course). Master J went over to help the Hooligan retrieve his toy from under the stove and informed me that we had "dust mice" under it. What? I tried correcting him with the proper terminology of "dust bunnies", but he assured me that couldn't possibly be right. I mean who's ever heard of something as dumb as that? Seriously.

Debt diet: Remember how I said I wasn't going to rush right back out to Fourbucks for coffee again any time soon? I lied. This time I had coffee, but I didn't have any clean travel mugs. But I did at least stop at a different one and they were much more responsive. Not that that's any consolation for the complete waste of money.
$4.26 + .65 for vending machine coffee - $4.91
$12.90 for two steaks and a bag of potatoes since I forgot to have food in the house for Mister C to prepare for dinner with. Now I get to cook. Darn it!

Total spent for the day: $17.81


K-Mom said...

LOL! He is one smart kid!