Thursday, February 19, 2009

The first lesson in becoming a real estate agent

Be able to find your way around.

I got lost leaving the mall after getting my hair cut tonight. Now to clarify, it's a mall I haven't been to since I was pregnant with Master J almost 8 years ago, in a part of town I'm not usually in and it was dark when I left. Not that that makes it any better. After driving for about 10 miles, I realized that I had somehow missed where I was supposed to go. I was able to figure this out because I knew that the mall is no more than three miles off the highway I was aiming for. In my defense, I did pull over to get out a map and try and figure out where I was. I have a compass in my car, and with a map and knowing the nearest major cross streets, I can always find my way around. The only problem was that the map was for Omaha. And I live over 1,000 miles away. So that wasn't very helpful. I finally gave up and asked some guy at an intersection how to get to the highway. It turns out I wasn't very far from it at all but I did need to continue driving the wrong way long enough to turn around and go back to it. Mister C offered to buy me a GPS with verbal, turn by turn directions so this doesn't happen again. But I really don't like those things barking at me while I'm trying to enjoy my drive. He's got his set up on some English woman's voice that sounds very cultured while she gets after him for missing turns. I think if I did get one, I would want it to fit my personality a little better than that. Do you think they have "Cabbie from Brooklyn - Uncensored" available?

Debt Diet -
1 coffee - .65
dinner @ Johnny Rockets - $7
Hair cut (tip only - yay for gift cards!) - $10
Birthday card - $2.48
Total - $20.13