Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Elvis is in the building!

Remember a long time ago, back when I set up my big fish tank? Remember how excited I was when I decided to go with cichlids because I'd never had them before and they are so pretty? Remember how very, very, very excited I was because I had gotten an electric blue that was going to be a bright, cobalt blue? I even named him Elvis, that's how excited I was. I don't remember if I ever updated the blogosphere as to how progressively disillusioned I became when Elvis refused to turn blue. I've waited for months now and nothing. Elvis has continued to stay a sad color of gray, with little blue lips. He kind of looks like he has heart problems now that I think about it. But I digress. I have been getting more and more disturbed by this issue. To the point that I have been on line searching desperately for when he's supposed to turn blue. Everything said "by now". But yet, he refused to get pretty. Finally, several days ago, a thought occurred to me that hadn't before. I checked on line. I checked my books. And today, I checked with the fish store. All were in agreement. Elvis had been misnamed. Because Elvis, was a girl. Whoops! So while I was at the fish store confirming my theory, I picked out a new Elvis to bring home. And the previous Elvis, well, she is now known as Priscilla.

Debt Diet -
3 coffees and a Snickers bar at school $2.60
Computer software to help me pass the exam $43.13

Cat food - $34.58
Plants for fish tank, 2 algae eaters & Elvis - $72.38

Total for both days - $152.69


Burgh Baby said...

I hope the new Elvis has the courtesy to be very blue for you. We've had a cichlid tank, and it wasn't exactly a smashing success, but it was kind of entertaining watching them all destroy one another.

Mirth said...

I've had tanks of death before too, just not with cichlids. I won't say it's going well since we all know that would hex it, but I will say they seem to be more concerned with rearranging the plants and rocks right now. Which, if I recall correctly, is most likely the predecessor to the carnage.