Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentines Day

There are two camps of people regarding Valentines Day. Those that love it. And those that hate it. If you are a member of the first group, you'll probably want to stop reading right about now. I'm sure there's a love story drama on the Lifetime channel you can watch. I'll wait. Are they gone yet? Okay, I am a member of the second group. I absolutely cannot stand Valentines Day. I think it's the dumbest thing ever made up as far as holidays go. The biggest benefactor of the "holiday" is the stores that hype up this day as a "must do". The pressure to perform on this day is unbelievable to me. And I find it appalling that so many women make such a big deal out of this day. Worse yet, some of those women are willing to give up the opportunity for a nice day if they don't get the "right" gift(s) and treatment. They compare what they got with what their friends or co-workers got and mete out punishment or rewards to their significant other based on that. I would rather get flowers or a card on any other day of the year. Any. Other. Day. Of. The. Year. Because as far as I can tell, about 90% of men out there only do something on Valentines because they feel obligated to do so. I want my husband to send me flowers because he wants to, because he suddenly realized how much he loves me, because it's Tuesday. Not because he's supposed to. Because that takes all of the romance out of it. Which is kind of interesting when you think about the fact that this is supposed to be the "most romantic day of the year".

Debt Diet - Yeah, tough day at the ranch. Started out at Fourbucks, continued to the gas station, had to pay some fines at the library, then the grocery store and finally ended up at Chipolte. I guess two of them are at least budgeted for.
Fourbucks - $8.51
Gas - $28.41
Library - $4.41
Grocery - $183.71
Chipolte - $15.82
Total - $240.86

Also, there's a slight chance my coffee addiction may have gotten out of control. Guess I'll be on the caffeine diet next. I'll warn you ahead of time on that one. Wouldn't want anyone to get hurt.


K-Mom said...

I agree with this post whole-heartedly! But if my husband sent me flowers on any day other than Valentine's or my birthday, I would think he'd done something wrong! :o)