Thursday, February 5, 2009

A little of this, a little of that

Today's blog will be about playing catch up on what's going on. So here we go...

Today was my sixth real estate class, which makes me one third of the way through the entire course. Today's class was all about the relationship between the agent, the broker, the seller and the buyer. Bet you never thought that could take four and a half hours to sort out. You'll notice the extra coffee purchase in my debt diet summary at the bottom.

Master J did not get sent home from school today for being sick. He might have gotten close for his crappy attitude. Today was a tough day for him, and his teacher got the brunt of it unfortunately. His Mamoo (my mom) picked him up from school and got the remainder of his attitude. He was quite loving towards me by the time I got home so I guess I lucked out. His cough is no better and I figured out tonight just before putting him to bed that his humidifier has stopped working. I think we bought it when he was a baby, but since we've hardly ever used it I was kind of surprised at it's demise. I guess I'll be going out tomorrow and getting a new one.

The Hooligan needs to go back to the vet. The dissolving stitches they used don't seem to be dissolving. I checked the post op instructions again to see if I had screwed up by not bringing him back sooner and they very clearly say that there is no need to return for removal of stitches. It says that these stitches will dissolve on their own. Umm,no. No they won't. We're a week beyond the time frame where they should be gone and they are still hanging in there. At least there won't be a charge.

Debt Diet.

I forgot to put in yesterday's debt diet info. It was two cups of coffee at class: $1.30

Gas - $26.27
Coffee (x3) - $1.95
M&Ms - $.65

Total - $28.27 (today) + 1.30 (yest) = $30.17