Sunday, February 1, 2009

I still love you guys

Cardinals, that was one tough game. Nobody thought you could get as far as you did. Nobody thought you could even come close to winning the Superbowl. Everyone thought you would be wiped all over the field. But you weren't. You played your hearts out. You didn't resort to the dirty play of your opponents with late hits, throwing hits out of bounds and punching men while they were down. You played with integrity. You played well. You deserved to be there. And even though you didn't win, you didn't lose one ounce of my respect. Good game guys.

Side note: Day 1 of the debt diet - $0 spent.


K-Mom said...

Hubby and I were rooting for the Cardinals. As a Dallas girl, I'm genetically programmed to hate the Steelers!

That game was a heartbreaker!