Monday, February 9, 2009

Resolution, kaput!

So one of the unnamed resolutions I made this year was to blog every day. And I forgot to yesterday. One of Mister C's friends arrived Saturday night to visit for a few days on his way to work in California. The two of them went to visit another friend yesterday while I stayed home with Master J because we didn't want to contaminate anyone. Anyway, after they got home, I ended up going into our bedroom to watch tv. See, they sat down in the same room as me and started discussing "iron condors" or maybe it was "broken butterflies" or some other such goofy named financial transactions. Honestly, it's doesn't really matter because if you take out the word "mirth" from my blog title, that pretty much describes what I hear to a t. So I went into the bedroom. And I got all snuggled into bed and as I was sitting there watching CSI, I started thinking I was forgetting something. But I couldn't figure out what it was. Now normally, if I start thinking that I've forgotten something, I'll get up and wander around the house (usually the kitchen) and it will eventually come to me. But I have a guest in my home. And while I certainly could get up and wander around, it would require getting dressed. And I just didn't think that whatever I was forgetting could possibly be important enough to get dressed for. So there you have it. Ultimately, my resolution got broken because I was too lazy to put on pants.

Debt diet yesterday - $0


K-Mom said...

Girl, I hear ya! This is a really hard resolution to keep. Somedays I sit down to write and I got nothin'. Lately, it's been really hard b/c of the debt diet. Not spending money makes you really, really boring! :o)